Ouray OPEN Climbing Comp Rules Released

Ouray Climbers Alliance Presents:

Ouray OPEN Climbing Comp

Sponsored by San Juan Mountain Guides


Rules: “Send” as many routes with you partner as you can from 3:00PM-6:00PM. If you fall or take you must return to the ground and start over, to receive lead bonus points you must also pull the rope. No skipping bolts, no assisted belaying, and no repeating routes. You don’t have to climb the same routes as your partner. Leave any lowering anchor biners in place! Team with the highest combined point total is the Winner.


Equipment: Teams are responsible for providing their own technical gear including, but not limited to: personal climbing gear, rope, draws, belay devices, helmets recommended..


Safety: If you outweigh your belayer by 50lbs+ (as in an adult and a child team), you will be responsible for providing your own ground anchor, i.e. a third person with a harness on to clip in the belayer. Third person will be allowed to compete if they’re under 18. Stick clipping the first bolt is allowed and encouraged.


ALL Participants are required to sign waivers prior to competing, children under 18 will need a waiver signed by a parent/guardian. For more info, pre-register and to obtain a digital copy of the waiver, please email to comp@ourayclimbers.org (pre-registration is not required but encouraged) .