Ouray Climbers Alliance (OCA) Statement on Backcountry Ice Climbing

The Skylight Area on Camp Bird Mine Road outside of Ouray is a very special place that offers a unique style of climbing in a spectacular setting. While it is easily accessible from the road, the area is still subject to natural hazards such as avalanches, rock fall and delayed emergency response, and therefore should be treated as any other backcountry areas in the San Juans and that the following practices are recommended (adopted from the Access Fund’s Climber’s Pact):

  • Be considerate of other users
  • Park and camp in designated areas
  • Dispose of human waste properly
  • Minimize group size and noise: maximum three persons per roped party
  • Avoid top roping the first pitch of multi-pitch climbs
  • Pack out all trash, and gear
  • Learn the local ethics for the places you climb
  • Respect regulations and closures (including snow removal and avalanche mitigation)