2019 Ouray OPEN Climbing Comp Rules

Sponsored by San Juan Mountain Guides

IMPORTANT: All competitors need to arrive at least 30 minutes before to fill out the paperwork and gear up. The competition will start at 12:30PM SHARP!

Comp entry is FREE to OCA members and $5 per person to non-members (suggested donation).

Rules: “Send” as many routes with you partner as you can from 12:30PM-2:30PM. If you fall or take you must return to the ground and start over, to receive lead bonus points you must also pull the rope. No skipping bolts, no assisted belaying, and no repeating routes. You don’t have to climb the same routes as your partner. Leave any lowering anchor quickdraws or carabiners in place! Team with the highest combined point total is the Winner.

Equipment: Teams are responsible for providing their own technical gear including, but not limited to: personal climbing gear, rope, draws, belay devices, helmets recommended..

Safety: If you outweigh your belayer by 50lbs+ (as in an adult and a child team), you will be responsible for providing your own ground anchor, i.e. a third person with a harness on to clip in the belayer. Third person will be allowed to compete if they’re under 18. Stick clipping the first bolt is allowed and encouraged.

ALL Participants are required to sign waivers prior to competing, children under 18 will need a waiver signed by a parent/guardian. For more info, pre-register and to obtain a digital copy of the waiver, please email to info@ourayclimbers.org (pre-registration is not required but encouraged) .

Climber 1:__________________Age:____                          Climber 2:__________________ Age____

Route #PointsRoute NameGradeLead BonusClimber 1   Points Climber 2   Points # of AttemptsTotal Points
11400Dance of Breath5.11d150    
3300/600Pocketful of Sunshine5.6/5.9100    
4600Forever Feels Like Home5.9100    
5300/1100In the Air Tonight5.6/5.11100    
61000Billy Mac 5.95.10d100    
7200Stars That Shine for You5.5100    
875Stars That Lie to You5.3100    
9600Division Bell5.9100    
10600I don’t even need pants5.9100    
111700The Leaping Boy5.12c200    
13600Dangling Participle5.9100    
161600Circular Semantics5.12b200    
18100Sesame Street5.4100    
19100LH Blunt5.4100    
20300Tepid Hummus5.6100    
211000San Juan Snake5.10dTR only    
221200Jay’s Route5.11b100    
23800Pleasing the Masses5.10b100    
241000HWY 550 Revisited5.10d100    
251100Thong Wedgie5.11a100    
261000Right Wing Redneck5.10d100    
271100Lap Route5.11a100    
28900Seduction of Gravity5.10c100    
291400Industrial Measures5.11d150    
301500Hazy Shade of Winter5.12a200    

Total Points:   _______